Green is the New Red

In a day that may be unlucky for some, this Friday 13th is Red Nose day as well. And that’s something I’ve been very aware of all afternoon because my colleagues have spent it inflating a crazy number of red balloons. I find balloons incredibly over exciting, and when I was having a ‘ticcing fit’ earlier it was of no comfort at all to hear them being blown up one by one.

But if you listen to my tics, today is all about the colour green. Here’s a selection:

“Have you got green light on your toes and things?”
“Happy green sheep on your scarecrow day.”
“Greengage or Green Day? Choose.”
“Hippos wear green pants.”
“Green is the cornerstone of the rainbow.”
“Your mother’s titties are green.”

There are loads more verdant tics here.

Whatever you’re getting up to for Red Nose day yourself, have a great time, but remember, green is the new red. You heard it here first.

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