Farewell Old Lair

Around this time four years ago the tics in my legs (which were already giving me a very unusual style of walking) intensified and started having a much bigger impact on my mobility. At the time I was living in my old lair, which I shared with Fat Sister and King Russell.

When they got married and moved out it became increasingly clear that I wouldn’t be able to keep on living there safely by myself. I loved my lair and I was very reluctant to leave, but it was up six flights of stairs, with no lift, and there were stairs inside as well. I frequently felt trapped, unable to get around by myself so I started living in one room and slept on the sofa because I couldn’t get up to my bedroom.

Eventually I put it the lair up for sale, but back then no one even came to look. So I rented it out instead and that, with a lot of complex financial juggling, meant that I was able to buy the castle.

The castle quickly became my home, and the old lair became home to new tenants. When they left a few months ago I decided it was time to put it up for sale again. This time there was a lot more interest, and today, with all the paperwork complete, I said my final farewell to the old place.

I made one last journey up the stairs, on my bottom, to say goodbye. I felt sadder than I’d expected as I shut the door for the last time. I have very happy memories of my time there, but I’m incredibly glad to be living where I am now – it’s brilliantly accessible, meets my needs and is a lovely place to be.

But I wouldn’t be in this fortunate position if it weren’t for my friends and family. As well as providing unwavering support they also cared enough to have some very honest and difficult conversations with me. I can’t imagine how tricky things would’ve been hadn’t listened to them. To everyone who helped me make one of the toughest, biggest and best decisions of my life, thank you.

And to the old lair and its new occupants, good luck – I hope you have as many happy times there as I did.

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