Flying West

This post is coming to you from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m writing mid-flight on my way to Toronto to take part in The Progress Festival.

In just a few hours we’ll be landing in Canada. This is my first visit so the only thing I’m expecting is snow! I haven’t been on a long-haul flight in over six years and I’d been worrying about how I’d cope, but so far the journey has been smooth and the crew have been very accommodating.

My vocal tics have been pretty well behaved so far too and with the exception of shouting, “Help!” while being patted down by a security guard, they haven’t even caused so much as a sideways glance from my fellow passengers. Anyone interested in the challenges and joys of a tic-enriched flight should read this post.

I’ll update you on our Canadian adventures as soon as I can. In the meantime I’m aiming to squeeze in one last film before we land.

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