Bringing Biscuits BAC

Exactly a week ago Leftwing Idiot, Chopin, Jolie and I had a production meeting at Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) ahead of our two-week run of Backstage In Biscuit Land there in May. This was all the more exciting because we had to dress up for it.

I’m not talking about getting into costume or dressing up smart. I mean we had to put on Hi Vis tabards and hard hats because the part of the building where we’ll be performing is undergoing renovation. I got particularly over-excited by all the dressing up and with the prospect of dangerous power tools being within easy reach!

It was a productive meeting and I’m really looking forward to be performing again at BAC. We’ll be in a very big space so it’s your mission to encourage everyone you know to come!

Our run is from 11th – 23rd May. And in fact our opening night will be exactly a year to the day since we had our first ever meeting with the Battersea team, in their café.

Back then BIBL didn’t exist as anything more than an idea. A year on and we’ll be performing in the Grand Hall. It’s been an incredible journey, and BAC’s support has played huge role in helping the idea grow into a show.

Do come and join us for on our BAC anniversary. I’ll bring the biscuits. You can book here.

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