Frosty The Snowman

Christmas may already be a rapidly fading memory but my tics were in a festive mood this morning when I arrived at work, prompted by the beautiful blanket of frost covering the ground.

Out of the blue, Frosty The Snowman rose to the occasion to help me celebrate:

“Frosty the Snowman is ordering DVDs chronologically.”
“Frosty the Snowman is defragging his computer’s hard drive.”
“Frosty the Snowman is filling in his tax return.”
“Frosty the Snowman is sorting through his socks.”
“Frosty the Snowman is labelling all his files.”
“Frosty the Snowman is carrying out essential maintenance on his drains.”
“Frosty the Snowman is corresponding with his Union.”

As my support worker Will observed, it sounds like Frosty’s got a pretty mundane day ahead. I hope yours has had more to offer.

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