The Lamp-Post’s Resolve

January’s a time for health kicks, but the mid-point of the month is often the moment when resolve starts to flag. This morning my tics were well aware of this when they started quizzing the lamp-post about its wellbeing:

“Lamp-post, have you been to the gym today?”
“Lamp-post, lay off the carbs!”
“Lamp-post, I see you’ve slipped back into your sedentary lifestyle.”
“Lamp-post, I haven’t even seen you do any skipping.”
“Lamp-post, what happened to not standing on street corners all day?”
“Lamp-post, have you had any water today?”
“Lamp-post, don’t stop being assertive with the pigeons.”

The lamp-post responded with its usual stoicism, standing there quietly in the grey morning, leaning over slightly. I really wouldn’t want it to change – I treasure my strange chats with it and wouldn’t want to give them up.

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