Hearing Old Words in a New Way

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a rocky ‘ticcing fit’ I’d had that morning which had involved Kyle giving Will, who was supporting me, a hand. This was because my body was moving with such force I was shifting furniture about, knocking plants over and otherwise re-arranging the foyer of our office.

As I got some speech back (but before I started talking about my sexual prowess) I was mainly ticcing the words ‘groin’ and ‘tahini’. This made Kyle laugh a lot!

Afterwards he thanked me for re-introducing him to these two words. He said hearing them ticced made him appreciate their comic qualities, something he’d never recognised before. He was still smiling when the fit finished and he got back to work.

You might like to see whether these words have the same effect on you by following these instructions:

In a medium-to-loud voice say ‘Ta-hiiii-neee’ over and over again, going up in the middle of the word and enjoying a long ‘neee’ at the end. Then drop in a few ‘groins.’

Any effect?

Now repeat after me:

“Anneka Rice’s groin is weighed down by her own self-esteem.”

What do you reckon? Are you with Kyle on this one?

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