It’s Like Charades, Only…

The festive season’s usually a good time for watching films on TV, but this year I’ve seen hardly any from start to finish. I have, though, caught bits here and there when they’ve been on in the background.

Oddly, there’s one film – Jurassic Park 2 – that I’ve caught in snatches several times. It was even on the other evening at the pub where I went for a drink with Will. Later that night when King Russell came round I was behaving very erratically. Pointing at me Will said “Based on her current behaviour, what film do you think she’s been watching?”

Russell studied the scene for a moment – I was on my knees lurching about with my hands bent in front of me, hissing. After a beat he said ‘Jurassic Park?’ We all laughed as Will confirmed this was the case, and Russell went on to critique my Velociraptor impression.

My tics are highly suggestible and often pick up on a particular aspect of a film, or a show, or a situation, and reference it or act it out. At the moment my repertoire’s mainly Jurassic so maybe I should watch some other genres so this bizarre involuntary game of charades becomes more of a challenge.

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  1. louiseongumtree says:

    haha, hopefully you’ll miss "Shark-nado" then. It’s a fang filled whirlwind. 🙂

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