The Story Of The Ancient Crumb

I’m sitting on my bed to write this post. To my right I can see the garden bathed in wintry sun. To my left is my wheelchair with the remnants of the fake snow from our Christmas video-shoot last month still clinging to its upholstery. I’m bursting with excitement and full of festive spirit because today’s the day we’re launching our new video.

My tics often come up with strange stories, so this year we gave them free rein and here’s the result. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Big thanks to everyone who helped bring this surreal ticced story to life. Particularly Sam Robinson and everyone at the Shop Studio for filming it and creating the amazing set. To Chopin (AKA Jess Mabel Jones) for her phenomenal use of facial expressions (and pickles), and finally to Leftwing Idiot who’s forsaken sleep to piece it all together. To make sure everyone can follow the story it’s fully captioned too – biscuits and all!

If you enjoy it, please help us spread the word by telling people about it and by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter – we’ll be using the hashtag #ancientcrumb.

If you like the featured illustrations, check out our cards, prints and other products in the Touretteshero shop – you’ve still got 3 days to place a Christmas order. And if you’re in the mood for more tic-inspired festive antics don’t forget this message and this animation.

Have a great week and remember to ‘baa!’ – after all, it’s very Christmassy if you baa!

Festive Outburst

“The biscuits and the mince pies are holding hands in the cupboard.”

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