My Once in a While Bath

I’ve had a ‘ticcing fit’ during the night every night this week which means my sleep’s been very disrupted, leaving me exhausted and achy. So this evening I decided I’d have a bath to help me relax and feel ready for bed.

I don’t have baths very often because showers are generally safer and more effective. A support worker helps me with this each morning which means I’m always clean, but I don’t very often get to have a good soak in the bath.

This evening Zoë was supporting me and we made a plan to make my bath as safe as possible. I left the door open and had a buzzer near me, and she shouted ‘You still alive?’ at regular intervals.

This all worked without a hitch and I emerged unscathed, less sore and more relaxed. I’m not likely to make it a regular occurrence though, but it is nice to know I can still enjoy a long, hot bath when it feels right.

Festive Outburst

“I’m just haggling with Easter bunny about the price of tinsel.”

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