Tongue Tied

Yesterday afternoon I had a very intense ‘ticcing fit’ during which much of my body became tight and twisted. The fit also featured my horrible choking tic, which would certainly be a strong contender for the most unpleasant tic I’ve ever had.

This was a fit like many others until a new tic I’ve never had before (and very much to have again) suddenly emerged. It was in one of the few parts of my body I can confidently say have never previously been affected by a tic.

I’ve had tics in my toes, ankles, knees, legs, back, trunk, side, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, head, neck, jaw, lips and eyes – but never, up to now, my tongue! Midway through the fit it folded up into a series of strange positions. It was excruciating – pain seared through my cheek, jaw and forehead. I’m always surprised by how tender these parts of my face can become as the result of relatively small muscle spasms.

It was several minutes before my tongue relaxed and settled back into its regular position.

On the way home Will and I chatted about it briefly and he said, ‘I wish I could’ve shown you the strange movements your tongue was making earlier – it was like tongue origami.’ He went on to say that it’s tics like these, when he can’t do anything to help, that he dislikes the most.

But he really does help me in these difficult moments, as do all my support workers. It’s not so much the physical intervention either – what’s really important is the reassurance and emotional support they provide.

I was quite literally too tongue-tied to say this at the time, so to Will and all my other support workers, your calm words, comforting touch and upbeat jokes really do help me and I appreciate them hugely.

Festive Outburst

“December needs more lime.”

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