The Bin Issue

It always causes me problems when accessible toilets are equipped with pedal bins.

Several times in the last week I’ve washed my hands and dried them on a paper towel only to have to scrabble about using my hands to open the lid of the bin, because obvious as it may sound, opening pedal bins can be tricky for wheelchair user!

I always leave these situations puzzled. At home I have a nice touch bin which opens when you press the lid, and clearly this would be a much better option. So there doesn’t seem to be any logic to it, and I imagine it’s just lack of thought or some bureaucratic Health & Safety rule that leads to this irritating anomaly in accessible toilets.

Yesterday, though, I used an accessible toilet where thought had definitely been given to at least one of its fittings.

I don’t often take photos in toilets but this handmade accessible toilet roll storage unit really made me smile. It’s surely the brainchild of someone who’s been caught on the loo with an empty toilet roll dispenser, looking at a stack of fresh loo rolls sitting pretty on a high shelf that they can’t reach. Brilliant!

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