Alan Ate My Falafel

Leftwing Idiot, Will, Fran and I all travelled home from work yesterday in a cab. Leftwing Idiot was sitting in the front and half way through the journey, completely out of the blue, he said ‘Alan ate my falafel.’

We all laughed and Will asked him ‘Have you written that down?’ – something Leftwing Idiot often says to me if I’ve ticced something funny. Will was right – this unexpected announcement did sound very tic-like and we were all curious to know what he meant.

Leftwing Idiot explained that at lunchtime he’d had more falafels than he could eat but because he didn’t want to waste any he’d taken one back to work with him. He offered it around the office, and to his surprise our colleague Alan, who never wants drinks or snacks when he’s asked, said he’d like it. Leftwing Idiot was so shocked by this it was clearly still on his mind several hours later.

Naturally, while I’ve been writing this post, my tics have got in on the act too:

“Alan loves falafel.”
“Alan – Falafel King.”
“Falafels for all.”

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