Tube Racer

I’ve just watched a fantastic video and I want to share it with you. It was created by a wheelchair user named Anthony in collaboration with Free Help Guy, an organisation that takes a direct and creative approach to helping people with problems.

The piece was inspired by a man who made a video of himself racing the Tube – jumping off a carriage at one station and sprinting to the next station in time to jump back into the same carriage before the doors closed. It’s had over four million views. Anthony’s video is slightly different – watch it and you’ll find out why.

I’ve written before about my own frustrations with the inaccessibility of London’s Tube network. Only today when I used Transport for London’s journey planner to work out the route I needed to take to meet some friends later, I was annoyed but not surprised to find that my journey would take double the time needed by a non-wheelchair user.

With 75% of tube stations still inaccessible we’ve got a very long way to go. For non-disabled tube users this is an issue that’s still largely invisible. That’s why this video is great, so please share it with as many people as possible.

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