The Tale of the Rat

Describing exactly what it feels like to have a ‘ticcing fit’ to anyone who’s never had one is always a struggle. It’s something that comes up a bit in Backstage in Biscuit Land as well as elsewhere in this blog.

The other night I was trying to convey a specific sensation to Leftwing Idiot. I was mid-way through a fit at the time, so saying exactly what I meant was difficult. Luckily my tics took over and offered the following description:

“It’s like a rat with a sparkler in it’s mouth…wearing jelly shoes with football spikes on them…running up and down my spine…with a mobile phone charger for a face.”

The exact version had a lot more swearing in it, largely due to the pain I was in. Wincing slightly, Leftwing Idiot assured me that the picture I’d painted was vivid enough to get my point across.

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