Saturday Night and Your Dog Is Getting High

I know it’s not Saturday, but it was yesterday and my tics seemed aware of that when they chose to repurpose Whigfield’s 1994 classic ‘Saturday Night.’ The tune stayed the same but the lyrics were given a radical update.

“Saturday night and your dog is getting high,
With your mummy.
I’ll make your sheep think about liquidising crisps,
Even though they’re lazy.

It’s Saturday night and I like the way you alphabetise your herbs and spices
Pretty baby.
It’s time to dance like Dan Aykroyd in the bath,
Cats hate babies.

Butter the bum of a bee, bum, bum, bum, be my baby.”

Anyone out there fancy doing a twentieth anniversary remix? With these words how could it fail to become a catchy anthem for a new generation?

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