Blushing My Tics Off

This afternoon my tics made me blush. They very rarely do this, but for a moment my face was hot with embarrassment.

Will and I were in the office along with Leftwing Idiot, and our colleague JP.

We were all working away when suddenly, in response to a question about the location of a specific spreadsheet, my tics announced that it could be found in Will’s mothers groin!

I repeated the tic but this time it was in Leftwing Idiot’s mothers groin.

And then JP’s mum got the same treatment.

Laughing, the three of them looked at me in mock horror and I blushed. Leftwing Idiot pointed to my very red face and commented on how rare it is for that to happen.

I said I could remember only one other occasion when my tics had made me blush – it was when out of the blue I said “I’m allergic to penis” – again this was at work.

Sounding quite nostalgic Will said, “I remember when that happened”.

A moment later my face returned to its normal shade and the four of us got on with what we were doing.

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