Edinburgh Life

We’ve been in Edinburgh for a week now, and I’m settling into life in a new city.

One of the things I was finding difficult to imagine before we arrived was how each day would pan out, what support I’d need and when I’d need it. Now I know. Chopin, Leftwing Idiot and Jolie are all helping me out generally, but besides them I’ve also got a great crew of Edinburgh-based personal assistants.

So here’s the timetable for my day. In the morning a carer from a local agency comes to help me wash.

After I’ve washed and had breakfast I go flyering with whoever’s doing my morning support. This means we go round the Pleasance courtyard, telling people about our show and encouraging them to come and see it.

Then, after a very light lunch, I head to the dressing room to warm up and get ready for the show.

At 1.30pm one of the security team comes to take me up in the lift to our space. I’m enjoying getting to know the bouncers and they’re all lovely. We have twenty minutes to do our ‘get in’, which means setting up our props and preparing for the audience. There’s no time to feel nervous – it’s all hands on deck.

After the show I usually feel like taking it easy for a bit. A new support worker takes over at 4pm and we have a bit of dinner before heading off to explore Edinburgh and see other people’s shows until it’s time for bed.

I find it reassuring how organically new routines develop, and I’m loving getting to know a new place and lots of new people.

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