“Arthur’s Stool”

From the living room window of our flat in Edinburgh we can see Arthur’s Seat, the majestic hill that sits right in the heart of the City.

Today was our day off, with no performance of #BIBL, and because it was sunny and warm we decided to go for a walk up what my tics have been calling “Arthur’s Stool.”

My all-terrain wheelchair and my new Edinburgh-based support worker, Leo, coped very well and we made it up towards the highest point. This is the highest up a hill I’ve been in a good many years. The view was stunning and it was amazing being simultaneously in the countryside and in the middle of the City.

Leo pointed out lots of landmarks, including Fife. My tics seized upon this information immediately, shouting

“Fife, close the curtains – we can see you naked.”


“Get out of the way trees, you’re spoiling our view of Fife.”

Fife was unphased by this attention and stayed quietly on the horizon, being Fife.

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