Hot Tips for Flyering

I’ve learnt very fast that flyers are a key part of the Edinburgh Fringe experience. These bits of card, each with details of a show, are everywhere, and handing them out to passing strangers is a never-ending job.

I’ve noticed that I tend to get given far fewer flyers than my non-wheelchair-using friends. Leftwing Idiot’s taken to calling it my ‘Cloak of Invisibility’, and I’ve written before about a similar phenomenon with chuggers.

My flyering technique however is far superior to that of any of my non-ticcing friends. Everyone else concentrates on getting flyers into people’s hands. But they’re doing it all wrong. I’m having much more success with my technique, which involves repeatedly hitting myself on the head with them, before handing one to an approaching punter.

I find people generally seem quite keen to take them off my hands at that point. This may be because they’ve heard about how excellent our show is, but I suspect a more likely reason is that they don’t want to see someone paper-cut themselves to death on the street in front of their eyes.

Either way, I love flyering.

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