Flash Mob

Chopin, Leftwing Idiot and I have been busy rehearsing for #BIBL again today. Jenny Sealey, the artistic director of the Graeae Theatre Company, joined us in the morning and she gave us some really useful suggestions and ideas for the piece.

We stopped for lunch when Jenny left, and during a quiet lull after we’d eaten I had the first ‘ticcing fit’ I’ve had for several days. They’re usually pretty bad if they’re far apart, but this one was much milder than I’d expected. I was even able to sing a song about dogs during part of it, though it got harder and harder to get the lyrics out as my face contorted.

As soon as I got my voice back I found myself talking about flash mobs. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a flash mob is a large public gathering, usually organised on social media, during which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse. It can often be a dance routine or a song.

As expected, my tics were keen to introduce a whole new range of flash mob activities, including:

“Basket weaving flash mob.”
“Mr Bean flash mob.”
“Cats flash mob.”
“Sandra Bullock flash mob.”
“Toaster flash mob.”
“Dramatic Owl flash mob.”

Much as I’d like to try and organise one of these events I’m way too busy working on #BIBL. If you’d like to come and see the show in Edinburgh, or a scratch performance in London before we go, you can find out more here.

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