Up Next With Strong Biscuits Straight From The Start

At the end of last year I took part in Channel 4’s Alternative Voices project. It was part of their #BornRisky campaign which highlighted their commitment to taking creative risks. I was one of five people with audible disabilities who they trained as continuity announcers, and over a two-week period we introduced some of their biggest shows.

The project and announcements were well received, both by viewers and within the industry – the campaign even picked up a British Arrows Award.

I’m excited to tell you I’ll be back at Channel 4, so tonight’s announcements will once again be enriched by biscuits and cats! You won’t be able to see me though because we’re doing it as close to live as possible. Yesterday I scripted all my links and had a run-down of all the technical stuff.

In a few hours I’ll head off for a final run-through and then I’ll be in your living room from 8pm. What interests me most about doing this is that it isn’t part of an ‘inspirational story’ – it’s simply allowing audible difference to be broadcast within the normal workings of the Channel. Look out for Kate from the original group who’ll be back in the coming weeks too.

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  1. Emperor68111 says:

    Just been watching C4 and heard your biscuity announcments. Me and my partner did not know anything about C4s Alternative Voices Project so were a little unsure about what we were hearing. It did make us google to find out……..and what a brilliant thing it is!!. We thought you were great and brought a very light hearted feeling to the continuity (and I hope you don’t mind me saying we did have a chuckle but definitely with you and not at you). I must congratulate C4 for their foresight and I, for one, hope to hear much more of you in the future.
    Good luck in whatever you do

  2. Biskudeeder says:

    Just about two hours ago I met a girl through the use of youtube, seeing her tic, and talk, and watching her smile. Every word she said was a bar of gold to my ears, and I thoroughly loved every second. I then found my way here because of the video and have signed on so that I can continue seeing the wonderful work you are doing. You are such a beautiful person and you let it show so grandly. Keep the bright light shining so that all of us can see and better understand. I thank you. Hug, shake, clap.

  3. garnetsnake says:

    Oh my lord, my flatmate and I were watching a spot of telly last night when one of the announcers started dropping the word ‘biscuit’ a lot and my poor flatmate thought I’d gone bonkers when I shouted "Oh my lord! That’s Tourettes Hero! I’ve been reading her blog for aaaages!"

    Explanations followed and much happiness was had, and we now greet each other with "Cats! Hello cats!" as we go about our days.

    Thank you, for being an inspirational force for all those of us who are having a less than stellar and standard time of things in the world. You made me smile, and feel a bit more hopeful 🙂

  4. Biscuit says:

    On Thursday my lovely little bunny died at the age of 6. I was devastated!!
    The first thing I turned on was grand designs on channel 4+1 and to my surprise your voice was the first thing that came on and you kept saying biscuit and then you said hedgehog!
    My bunnys name was biscuit and I took that as a sign that he had met a hedgehog and was safe!
    It was the first time I smiled all day so I’d like to say thank you for that sign to let me know he was ok and for putting a smile on my face after a heartbreaking day! 🙂

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