The Dentist

On June 28th last year I wrote about the start of something that wasn’t finally finished until today. What was this lengthy process? It was getting my teeth cleaned and polished by the special care dentistry team at my local hospital. The wait was so long I lost a filling and part of a tooth in the meantime.

But while the whole thing could have done with some serious speeding up, the care I received today was faultless.

The team made me feel really relaxed, with their friendly approach and a strong sedative. I needed to be out cold because previous attempts by my dentist (however courageous) to do anything in my mouth have always resulted in a tense, dangerous and unpleasant situation for everyone.

So Leftwing Idiot held me still while they pumped in the drugs – and that’s the last thing I remember. Apparently, even though I was sedated, I was still moving about enough to mean Leftwing Idiot needed to keep holding on. I know this because he’s just told me – for the third time. Even though the treatment finished ages ago, I’m still super-relaxed and very forgetful.

The damaged tooth couldn’t be saved so they pulled it out, and at long last my remaining teeth were finally polished and cleaned. I’m due to go back in three months. I hope having regular appointments will help avoid any long waits in the future.

Now I’m off to annoy Leftwing Idiot with more repetitive questions.

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