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Biscuit Bum

This afternoon I was at a meeting and halfway through I became very uncomfortable. Although I wasn’t having a ‘ticcing fit’ I was moving around a lot. Leftwing Idiot, who was supporting me, was sitting near me but … read more

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Snail Hands

A few nights ago I went out for a drink near the castle. It was raining and already dark. As I pushed my chair down the soaking streets I quickly realised the big drawback to self-propelling on dark wet nights … read more

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New Eras

This evening Olive and I were watching a programme about the Georgian era. My tics were immediately inspired and suggested some of their own interesting epochs:

“The Dog era.”
“The Cat era.”
“The Basingstoke era.”
“The David Blaine era.”
“The … read more

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Over Reacting Dream

I woke up with a start yesterday morning after a strange dream.

I’ve described before in this blog how I sometimes overreact to tiny frustrations, and what woke me was an overreaction, but this time it was entirely imaginary.

In … read more

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The #Biscuit Trend

The last few weeks have been busy but amazing! First came our big children’s event, We Forgot The Lot! at Tate Britain, followed swiftly by the launch of our Kickstarter appeal, (we still need people to donate!) and … read more

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‘I’m Never Coming To The Theatre Again’

It’s Friday and time for a quick Kickstarter update, we’re now at £4366! This is brilliant news, thanks to everyone who’s backed Backstage In Biscuit Land – the show we’re taking to the Edinburgh Fringe. But it’s all or nothing … read more

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Up Next With Strong Biscuits Straight From The Start

At the end of last year I took part in Channel 4’s Alternative Voices project. It was part of their #BornRisky campaign which highlighted their commitment to taking creative risks. I was one of five people with audible disabilities … read more


Double Piggy

For most people 21st October 2011 probably wasn’t especially memorable, but on that day something life-changing happened to me without any warning or fanfare. The sudden episodes of intense debilitating tics I’d been experiencing periodically for several years suddenly started … read more

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Half Way to Biscuit Land

After five days our Kickstarter appeal has reached £3000 – half way to the total we need to take our show Backstage In Biscuit Land to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. This is brilliant, and an enormous thank you to … read more

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Totally Picking up Expressions

Everyone naturally picks up words and phrases they hear around them to some extent, but this has always felt like a particular habit of mine. I’ve no idea if it’s a part of Tourettes or not, but what I do … read more

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