My Night with Zac Efron

Last night I had a strange ‘ticcing fit’. It was strange firstly because I had enough speech to tic some funny things, and secondly because of the strong presence of Zac Efron.

For anyone not familiar with Zac’s work, he’s an actor, teen heartthrob, millionaire and star of my Wednesday night fit. While I lost all sensible communicative speech, my brain allowed the following:

“Zac Efron hit me in the face.”
“Zac Efron, Mars Rover 4.”
“Zac Efron dangerous dogs diagram.”
“Zac Efron Cookery School for Wimps.”
“Zac Efron, take me to a dolphin sanctuary.”
“Zac Efron tea towel and spatula-ette set.”
“Zac Efron lacy pyjama hotline – Diane Abbott speaking.”

I’ve never seen any of Zac’s films and I’m only very vaguely aware of him, but my tics seem very familiar with his hobbies, specialist subjects, merchandise and business relationship with Diane Abbott MP. Who’d have guessed?

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