Waiting for Piggies

You could say that pigs are like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once.

I’ve written before about my on going quest for piggies (rubber dog toys in the shape of a pig) and how I get one every time I have a full day without a ticcing fit.

I recently earned three pigs in fairly quick succession – Disco Piggy, 18th Century Pig and Grey Piggy. That is to say I’ve achieved them in theory, because they haven’t actually arrived yet.

They’re supplied by the mysterious Pig Fairy who I can only imagine is on holiday, on strike or struggling with the backlog. I won’t even let myself imagine the worst – that the Pig Fairy has some sort of maximum pigs-per-person cap.

I suspect the reality is that the Pig Fairy, like many small enterprises, is struggling to balance a substantial workload, high production values and their clients’ demands.

But I haven’t lost faith in the Fairy and I’m confident that I’ll soon be able to introduce you to my three new porkers.

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