Discovering Old Heights

I wanted to get something from a shelf in the support workers’ room this afternoon so I pulled myself upright using the extra high bed, and leant against it to steady myself.

Will came and helped me so I wouldn’t topple over. To my surprise I found I was almost the same height as he was. And then, when Zoë came to see what we were up to I said, ‘Wow, you’re shorter than I thought too!’ They both laughed and pointed out that I was still the shortest in the room.

I see them both all the time but usually from wheelchair level so it was funny to be back at my old height. But standing up was hard work, even with both of them helping me, so after enjoying the view for a few more moments I sank back down to into my chair, joking that the castle’s high ceilings looked positively palatial from where I was sitting.

Small changes in perspective can make a big difference to how you see things.

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