A New Beginning

Firstly, Happy New Year! I hope that whatever you did to celebrate was wonderful. I stayed at the castle and saw in 2014 with friends. Anything else would’ve been too much because I’m in quite a lot of pain from my locked-up hands that, despite a powerful mix of drugs, are yet to show any improvement.

This’ll be a short and sweet round up of last year because it’s slow and painful for me to write. I’m going to share the most important moments of 2013 and add links so you can find out more if something’s of interest.

Most incredible moment: Being on stage at the Albert Hall, sharing my experience of Tourettes with an audience of 4,500 people.

Best shared laughter: Performing at Shambala Festival with Captain Hot Knives

Most frustrating experiences: Whenever my tics have over-reacted in a bad way and I’ve struggled to get my mood and myself back on track

Best Political campaign: I’ve been inspired by the tireless campaigning work of Francesca Martinez and the WOW team, as well as by the disabled people who challenged the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

Best Intervention: My Trekinetic wheelchair (which, sadly, at the moment I can’t enjoy).

The lowest point: Loosing the use of my hands on Boxing Day.

Top tic of 2013: There have been so many, but my favourite is “Who bears wins.”

There have loads of other exciting, challenging, creative and awesome events in 2013 and I’m confident that there will be many more in the year ahead.

One event I’m excited to be able to announce is: ‘We Forgot the Lot’, a creative takeover of Tate Britain for children with Tourettes and associated conditions. This free, inclusive, one-day family event will take place on the Saturday 12th April and is a collaboration between Touretteshero and the Tate. There’ll be amazing opportunities to work with artists to transform the gallery, make up new rules for how to enjoy it, and meet new people.

Make sure you save the date – more details and booking information will be coming shortly.

To everybody who’s supported Touretteshero this year and helped us achieve so many amazing things – thank you.

To everyone who’s sent me positive messages in the last few difficult days – thank you too.

To my amazing family, friends, and support workers – all my love and thanks to you.

Happy New Year!

2 responses to A New Beginning

  1. Mandyque says:

    Awwww good old Shambala, good times 😀 I came across your name on the line up and wondered what the hell it meant to be a ‘Tourettes Hero’, I wasn’t quite sure whether it was going to be some sort of piss take which would make me angry, but I’m so glad I popped in the Social Club that afternoon 😀

  2. JAYnorfolk says:

    Happy New Year to you too Jess, and amazing news about the Tate event. Fantastic that you are looking forward despite the hands insisting on immobility at the moment. Stay positive. See you soon – 2014 will be another great year! x

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