Accessible Christmas Wrapping

Last Christmas I wrote a post about my accessible Christmas essentials. One of the discoveries I shared was paper tape. This easy-to-tear alternative to regular sticky tape eliminated the need for scissors, which I can’t use safely, and meant I could wrap presents much more independently. Since last year I’ve further refined my wrapping technique – now I don’t even need someone to pre-cut the paper for me. Here’s my quick guide to scissor-less wrapping:

(You will need: presents, wrapping paper, paper tape)

Step 1: Measure the size of paper you need for each gift, and add a bit more
Step 2: Fold the wrapping paper along the line where you would normally cut it with scissors.
Step 3: Tear along the fold line – it doesn’t have to be neat)
Step 4: Fold the torn edge over on itself a little way to create a neat edge
Step 5: Wrap the present and seal it with paper tape

This technique has enabled me to wrap my friends’ and family’s gifts completely independently for the first time in years.

For more festive tips and thoughts from disabled people around the world check out this article by BBC Ouch

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