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We’re just days from Christmas and all its frivolity, but I know that’s not what’s exciting the Capricorns. They are in a frenzy of anticipation for this month’s ticced horoscope. Thankfully, the wait is over – so enjoy it, Capricorns.

I’m aware that the lucky-number maths problem might’ve been a bit difficult to follow (particularly if you’re a goat) so I’ve written out some alternative ways to reach the lucky number below.

If three goats had seventy two hairs on their heads between them, your lucky number is the same as the number of hairs there would be on the head’s of fourteen goats after you’d plucked a single hair from eight of them.


I’ve divided one hundred and forty four biscuits equally between the Three Bears. Baby Bear breaks 50% of his biscuits into fourteen pieces. He gives eight pieces to Goldilocks. Your lucky number is the same as the number of pieces of broken biscuit Baby Bear has left.


72/3×14-8=X (X is your lucky number)

Now, as it’s Christmas and I’m feeling generous, I’m going to give a mystery prize to the first Capricorn to contact me with the right answer. It really will be lucky then won’t it!

See you next month when we discover what the world has in store for Aquarius.

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