A Christmas Message From Touretteshero

In five day’s time the Queen will be broadcasting her Christmas Message to the nation. If you can’t wait that long, or if you’d like something a little different, here’s my brand new tic-inspired Christmas message. Sit back and enjoy it, and if you’ve got a cat, make sure they’re sitting comfortably too.

This video’s all about letting my tics take the lead and celebrating the strange directions they take us in. We had loads of fun making it and I hope you enjoy watching it too. Please share it with as many people (and cats) as possible.

Who knows, maybe my ticced address will become as established as the Queen’s – perhaps her majesty will even add some biscuits to hers!

Photo: Sam Robinson

Festive Outburst
“I got you some canned laughter for Christmas.”

One response to A Christmas Message From Touretteshero

  1. danphobic says:

    Hey tourettes hero! Brand new fan, saw you on youtube. I reckon I have been through all your tics by now and love the work you do with kids and awareness. Will have a look at this vid when I get home from work!
    Just a wee suggestion for the site. At the moment the tics appear in alphabetic order, so now that I have been through them all, when new tics are added I won’t really know without going through them all. Would it be possible to have a button to switch between alphabetical and ‘date added’ order so I can see all the new ones you have added? Your tics seem to have ludicrous poetic imagination much like spike milligan or a kind of gentle chris morris so I am always keen to hear the new ones 🙂

    Cheers Dan!

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