Peace or Peas?

A couple of weeks ago a new tic arrived, and it shocked me. It’s stuck around and although I’m not saying it all the time, like “Biscuit” or “Hedgehog”, I’ve probably said it once or twice a day ever since it began. And every time I say it, unlike most of my tics, it stops me in my tracks, if only for a moment.

So what is it?

“Fuck peace!”

It isn’t even particularly outrageous given lots of the other things I say, but the sentiment is so at odds with what I believe, I feel the need to explain myself each time it happens.

Fortunately I’m a lot less bothered by the alternative version of this tic that’s crept in at the same time:

“Fuck peas!”

Festive Outburst:
“So Solid Snowman”

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