Piggy Profiles

I’ve written before about my growing collection of dog-toy-pigs and explained that each one represents a full day without a ‘ticcing fit’. But I haven’t introduced them all properly so I thought now might be good time to do a round-up. Here then, in order of appearance, are their ‘piggy profiles’:

Pink Piggy was initially a gift to Leftwing Idiot from his dad but Leftwing Idiot immediately recognised that it would send my tics bonkers so he passed him on to me with his dad’s permission.

Black Piggy arrived through the post after my second fit-free day, and was a big surprise.

Mystery Piggy was talked about for a long time before he actually arrived at the castle on my birthday. He’s a creative and technical marvel and apparently required a lot of specialist knowledge of glues.

White Van Pig sports a trucker’s cap and a St George’s flag.

Blue Piggy required some experimentation with paint types and, I imagine, a lot of patience from the Pig Fairy. He’s a lovely hue as result.

Neon Piggy was hard won: I came close several times. He was eventually awarded to me after some complicated adjudication and was definitely worth waiting for.

Green Piggy arrived at the same time as Neon Piggy and, miraculously, was exactly as I’d described him. So either the Pig Fairy must hear everything, or I must be psychic.

Festive Piggy (AKA Drunk Uncle Piggy) appeared in my garden overnight and looks like a slightly tipsy, unpredictable relative. Everyone loves Drunk Uncle Piggy.

That’s it for now. I’m hopeful there’ll be more to come, and if the Pig Fairy’s listening, I’d love to welcome Disco Piggy, Purple Piggy, Grey Piggy and 18th Century Piggy into the sty.

Festive Outburst:
“Happy Christmas Easter Bunny.”

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