Getting a Handle on the Brakes

I’ve written several posts about my amazing new wheelchair, but I’m also still using my NHS chair a lot too because it’s much better for inside the castle or anywhere where with tight spaces.

The two chairs have different braking systems and I sometimes struggle to remember which chair I’m in. With my new chair I have to pull the brake levers upwards to stop, and with my old chair I have to push them down.

Last night I sped down the hall in my old chair and came into the living room at high speed. I didn’t stop in the normal place but careered on towards the wall, skidding to a halt moments away from crashing into a load of stuff.

Ruth burst out laughing when I sheepishly explained that I’d been frantically pulling the brake levers up when I should’ve been pushing them down. On this occasion my mistake was mostly harmless, but I do need to get to grips with the two systems before a lack of brakes leads to a breakage.

Festive Outburst:
“Lamp-post, shall we do ‘Secret Santa’?”

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