Treasured Hunt

Yesterday the organisation I work for had its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Like all AGMs there was all the formal business to get through, but there was also a much more relaxed and celebratory element too. We had delicious food and a treasure hunt all round the adventure playground.

Just a few weeks ago I’d have struggled to get fully involved in this, even with the help of my support worker. But my new wheelchair meant I was able to get stuck in with the rest of my team.

It’s a relatively small thing in the scheme of what the new chair’s enabled me to do. But as I roamed about the playground in the dark with my colleagues I felt a surge of satisfaction at being able to take part on equal terms.

Sadly, it also meant I had no excuse for failing to figure out the clues.

Festive Outburst:

“Happy Christmas, water rats.”

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