The Return of Cartoon Star

I settled into bed last night chatting happily as usual to the lamp-post I can see from my window. Then, as I lay down, I spotted something else familiar and my tics responded immediately.

“Oh there you are cartoon star.”
“Where’ve you been cartoon star?”
“Cartoon star, cartoon star, meet lamp-post.”

Cartoon star was the name my tics gave to a particularly bright star I could see from the window of Leftwing Idiot’s spare room when I was staying there a few years ago. My tics used to chat to the cartoon star almost every night, even when it wasn’t visible.

I’m not an astronomer so I’ve no idea whether the star I chatted to last night was in fact the same one as I used to see. But it was shining so brightly that as far as my tics were concerned it was my old buddy.

I’ll keep an eye out it from now on and will let you know how the lamp-post and my favourite star get on.

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