“I knight you Sir Peter Rabbit”

A few days ago I took up a new role, one almost as daunting as being a superhero. I undertook to be Godmother to my friend Laura’s son Leo. Laura first asked me back in January when Leo was only a month old. On Sunday he was baptised and during the ceremony I gave my promise that I’d play an important part in nurturing his spirit. This is a job I’m proud to have and one I look forward to fulfilling.

Besides my planned contribution, my tics contributed a number of new and unusual elements to the service. In order of appearance, this included:

• Baa-ing like a sheep during the reading of ‘The Lord is your shepherd’
• Saying “I knight you Sir Peter Rabbit” as I put the sign of the cross on Leo’s forehead
• Shouting “Don’t drop him down the well” as his dad took him to the font
• Ticcing “Shampoo and set” as the priest poured water onto his head
• Singing “Just say no to sin” as the service came to a close

I felt completely comfortable and at ease during the whole ceremony. Laura had explained to the priest about my tics and he seemed utterly unfazed. That said, I don’t expect churches up and down the country to adopt my contributions any time soon.

Leo – I’m proud to be your godparent and look forward to supporting you as you discover the world and become the person you want to be. I’m confident there will be fun times, challenges, and songs about sheepdogs. While I might not be a fairy godmother I’m certain I’m going to be your sweary godmother.

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