My Second Fitiversary

I’ve got a new pair of trainers. I’ve had them for several weeks now but I’ve been saving them to wear today. Today’s special because it’s the second anniversary of the day I woke up having a ‘ticcing fit’. That marked the start of the daily fits that’ve had such a big impact on my life ever since.

Just after the fits first intensified two years ago my sister bought me a pair of amazing trainers to cheer me up. They were gold and sparkly and I wore them until the toes gave out, and I’ve still got them tucked away in my wardrobe somewhere.

In the absence of any set traditions for how to celebrate a fitiversary I can choose my own, and wearing colourful new trainers is definitely one I’m happy to go with. I wore sparkly leggings for my first fitiversary – that seems like a good custom to continue too.

This year I decided to celebrate by inviting some of the people who’ve supported me over the last couple of years out to dinner. King Russell, Keir, Leftwing Idiot, Poppy and I had a delicious and relaxed meal not far from the castle and we all wore (mandatory) colourful trainers or sparkles. Lots of people weren’t able to make it, including Fat Sister who was working nights but it was lovely to celebrate with some of the friends who’ve helped me get through the tough times. If I’m still experiencing fits next year I’d love this to become a regular fitiversary feature.

Some people might find the idea of celebrating the start of my daily fits strange, but to me it would seem much stranger to ignore such a significant event. It isn’t really about celebrating my fits anyway – it’s about celebrating all the amazing days I’ve had and all the things I’ve done despite them.

I don’t feel sad that two years on I’m still experiencing these difficult and painful episodes. I just feel thankful that I’ve had the support I need to continue to live, work and enjoy my life in the way I want to.

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