Two Hours Short of a Pig

On the way home in the cab this evening I told Leftwing Idiot I’d like my next pig to be fluorescent yellow. I hadn’t had a ‘ticcing fit’ all day and I was hoping it would be a Piggy Day. This is how fit-free days have become celebrated thanks to the tradition of me being given a rubber pig dog-toy for each clear day. Strange as it may seem I get very excited by these unusual companions and I’m always hoping to increase my drove.

I currently have five pigs:

Pink piggy
Black piggy
White van piggy
Mystery pig
And the most recent addition, Blue piggy, which Leftwing Idiot’s dad carefully painted to meet my demands for one in that hue.

Sadly, today wasn’t a Piggy Day after all. I had a fit just two hours short of midnight. As my body locked up and I plummeted onto the crash mat in my living room I knew I was waving goodbye to yellow piggy… for now.

This didn’t stop me trying to persuade Poppy and Leftwing Idiot to overlook the fit or allow me half a pig at least. But Poppy rightly pointed out that I wouldn’t want to win a pig under false pretences.

I’m confident, though, that I’ll be bagging another pig soon, and I’m looking forward to welcoming Day-Glo pig to my collection when I do.

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