The Monster Slide

One of the three children’s projects I help run is an adventure playground. Just a few weeks ago we were a no-slide playground – there wasn’t a single slide on site. Now we’re a three-slide playground!

A huge new structure which the children helped design and build has just been completed. It was finished and opened a couple of days ago and everybody seems very pleased with it.

The new structure’s fully wheelchair accessible – a long ramp curves up to a large slide (that used to be a swimming-pool water-chute). The structure’s very high and as well as the slides it has loads of other features including a maze of nets, a fireman’s pole and part of an old piano that makes an amazing noise.

On Friday I decided to test the slide for myself. Will wheeled me up to the top and my colleague Kyle waited at the bottom.

It was very exciting and predictably my tics overreacted to this thrill. In fact I was yelping with joy so much I dribbled.

The new slide has earned my official seal and dribble of approval.

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