Waterloo Sunset

I had a hospital appointment in town yesterday afternoon and Leftwing Idiot came with me. The appointment went well and afterwards we wandered through the streets for a bit, enjoying being out in the autumn sunshine. We went home by bus, and shortly after we got on I started to have a ‘ticcing fit’.

The fit was unusual in that I felt a little more ‘out of it’ than normal. I found it hard to respond to Leftwing Idiot’s questions using my usual blinking system, and as well as being locked up my body also felt extremely heavy.

We stayed on the bus throughout the fit and I stayed in my wheelchair. With some reluctance I agreed to put my helmet on and Leftwing Idiot held my head so it didn’t crash into the metal pole I was near.

We crossed Waterloo Bridge as the sun was setting. I love being by the river at this time of day. My head was locked at a strange angle but it was facing the window and I could see the soft pink skyline busy with buildings. But the sun was right in my line of vision and I couldn’t turn my head away from it. Leftwing Idiot noticed this and shielded my face with his arm.

Light seeped around the edges of his jumper and despite most of the view being hidden by his sleeve I still had a strong sense of the skyline and the sunset. This made me feel calmer and connected to my city and to Leftwing Idiot.

Despite this odd and painful fit it’s a journey I’ll remember fondly, mainly because of how I experienced the sunset.

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  1. bobcorrick says:

    I appreciate this "non category" sort of post of yours, which I find as powerful as your Albert Hall speaking. Thank you for continuing to share.

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