So Long Geranium

While Leftwing Idiot was away in Edinburgh over the summer I looked after his geranium. He got back at the end of August but the geranium stayed at the castle.

Several times he’d said he was going to take it home, and each time I got it ready to go – deadheading it, clearing away any dried leaves, and popping it out on the table for him. But each time he’d change his mind and make an excuse not to take it after all. That is, until today.

This afternoon we went through the familiar routine, but this time he actually took it. While I’m relieved I no longer have the pressure of caring for his plant, the spot on the window ledge where it sat looks very bare without it.

It wasn’t long ago that my tics would focus their attention on this innocent plant and verbally abuse it in all sorts of unspeakable ways. But over the past couple of months we’ve really bonded and they’re much friendlier to it now. I even think I might miss it.

Does anyone know how to take a cutting from a geranium?

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