World of The Zodiac - Libra

Autumn’s arrived and so has the time for the next Tourettes-inspired horoscope. This month it’s all about Libra – happy birthday, Libras!

I was curious about how this video would turn out because during the filming I got massively overexcited about the word ‘Libra’. My tics went crazy for Libra so it’s no surprise the Libra theme song pops up all the way through. Have a look for yourself.

As ever, the advice is wide-ranging, but unusually some of it’s quite sensible (by the usual standard of my tics) – “Buy local”, “Don’t dwell on the past”, “Drink some milk”, “Channel your energy into positive things”, “Don’t rub champagne into your crotch.”

Libra’s lucky animal and lucky number were also extraordinarily straightforward. I think this is one of the rare occasions when I’ve identified a whole number, and an animal it might actually be possibly to keep as a pet.

But remember, when you’re choosing your lucky goat, go for one with a rough-back. Don’t give way to temptation and get a Cashmere. But if it does turn out to be a softy you can always invest in one of these insulated goat coats.

Share the video with all the Libras you know, and I’ll be back next month with advise for Scorpio.

Enjoy the song, which I expect you’ll have in your head for the hours and days to come….

Oh Libra, Oh Libra, Oh Libra!

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