Roll On New Chair

It’s been a tricky few weeks, mainly because I’ve not been well. Today I felt much better and I had some great news that’s cheered me up a lot too.

I’ve had confirmation from Access to Work that they’ll fund a Trekinetic all-terrain wheelchair for me, to make it easier and safer to get around at work.

This is brilliant! The Trekinetic will take a lot of pressure off my regular chair, making it a lot less likely to break again. It’ll mean there aren’t any areas at work I can’t get to and that I’ll be able to move myself around much more independently. My physical fitness and wellbeing will improve and I’ll be able me to do my job more effectively.

While I’ll be mostly using the Trekinetic at work, I’ve agreed to make a personal contribution to the cost of the chair so I can use it in my own time as well if I want to. I’ll be able to do more outdoor activities on weekends and holidays. I can’t wait to go for walks and stray off the paths.

It’ll be a while before I can jump in the chair and head out though because they take about twelve weeks to build. Hopefully it’ll arrive before Christmas and the snow. If it does snow again this year I’ll be able to go out and enjoy it with the kids thanks to the chair.

This piece of equipment will make a huge difference to my working life and having two chairs will hopefully mean that resorting to the emergency clunkmobile will be a thing of the past.

After a tough few weeks I’m feeling happy, excited and hopeful.

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