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The Tourettes Awareness Challenge

I’ve written before about the strength and power of Tourettes Mums – well, four mothers from the North East are taking it to the next level. In the next ten days they’ll be travelling across the country visiting every city … read more

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The Disabled Shower

Yesterday I wrote about my childhood battle with soft walls, and declared it over. But today it seems that’s not entirely the case.

Fat Sister took me to her gym for a swim. It’s a nice place – all … read more

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So Long, Soft Walls

I was chatting with my mum on the phone earlier and she told me my gran had had an offer on her house. She moved in with my parents at the start of August and has settled in well so … read more


Wheelchair Costumes

It’s not long till Halloween and the nature garden at work always holds a magical night time event then. I’ll be helping out again this year and I’ll need a costume. I went in search of inspiration and came across … read more

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So Long Geranium

While Leftwing Idiot was away in Edinburgh over the summer I looked after his geranium. He got back at the end of August but the geranium stayed at the castle.

Several times he’d said he was going to take … read more

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Which Finger?

A couple of days ago I momentarily trapped my finger in my wheelchair’s footplate the result was a sizable blood-blister on its tip.

Earlier today I had a ‘ticcing fit’ and, as often happens, I lost my speech. … read more

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World of The Zodiac - Libra

Autumn’s arrived and so has the time for the next Tourettes-inspired horoscope. This month it’s all about Libra – happy birthday, Libras!

I was curious about how this video would turn out because during the filming I got massively … read more

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What an amazing day! I don’t know where to begin, but I’ve got to start somewhere so I’m going to start in the middle – the middle of the day, the middle of TEDx Albertopolis and the middle of the … read more


Gardeners’ Question Time

On Friday my support worker Will and I went round to the Nature Garden where I work. When we arrived a small group of boys were there, busily making biscuits. They were all about five years old and I hadn’t … read more

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The Secret Policeman’s Bum

Leftwing Idiot and I were on a bus earlier when two police officers got on. The presence of police often leads to an increase of potentially inflammatory tics. My brain instantly latches on to all the things I shouldn’t say … read more

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