Post Shambala Post

What an amazing weekend! I’ve just got back to the castle after spending the last few days at the Shambala Festival. I’ve returned happy and relaxed, but with no voice.

For the last couple of days I’ve felt a bit under the weather again and I’ve had some long, strange fits, which is always an indication that things aren’t quite right. I still managed to enjoy the festival and my voice kept going for my performances. But yesterday I felt completely worn out and had an early night.

This morning I felt brighter but over the course of the journey home my voice vanished so King Russell, Fat Sister and Poppy were treated to an unexpectedly quiet drive.

Hopefully it’ll come back soon, now I’m at the castle and taking it easy.

Poppy and I have had a very slow afternoon, hanging out, watching films and settling back into London life.

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