I took my phone into the bathroom with me yesterday afternoon and put it on the side of the basin while I used the loo. When I’d finished I used the grab rail to push myself up and over to the basin so I could wash my hands.

I successfully completed this manoeuvre, but at the last moment my arm ticced and sent my phone flying, straight into the loo – which I hadn’t flushed yet!

I wasn’t able to respond very quickly because to do so I had to lower myself to the ground and crawl back round to the loo. By the time I could reach in and rescue the phone it was half submerged in wee and water.

Fortunately, because my phone gets thrown around a lot, it has a waterproof and shockproof case. It’d also fallen in with the most exposed part pointing upwards and therefore still dry.

I did an initial clean and dry with tissues and then removed and washed the cover. Then I cleaned the phone itself and dried all its little nooks and crannies.

Remarkably, I had a very lucky escape and the phone still works. I’ll definitely be more careful about where I leave it next time.

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