Olive and the Dolphins

Four months ago I wrote about Poppy waking me up in the early hours of the morning to talk about penguins.

Actually, my tics had said Poppy did that, straight after I’d had a long ‘ticcing fit’, and they followed on with a whole stream of penguin-related tics.

Something similar happened early this morning when Olive woke me up to talk about dolphins – lots of dolphins.

Here’s what I had to say about these marine mammals at 4am:

“Little Red Riding Dolphin”
“Dolphin making toast for sand dunes.”
“Salad dressing dolphin.”
“Dolphin nail bar.”
“So Solid Dolphin Crew”
“Dolphin got flow.”
“Mirror plated dolphin.”
“Art deco dolphin.”
“Dolphin Bikini Hotline”
“Do dolphins play monopoly with the moon?”
“Nana’s secret sequin dolphin pants.”
“There are two dolphins working in a post office a little north of Winchester.”
“Take your hand out of a dolphin, Flava Flav.”
“Dolphin Matrix.”
“Diazepam-induced dolphin.”
“‘Shut your blowhole, dolphin’ said Greenpeace.”
“Dolphin shooting the waves in 42 days.”
“Do the dolphins and tuna sit on the beach and hold hands?”
“If dolphins wear cat suits would they be catfish?”
“How do dolphins fit their dorsal fins into babygrows?”
“I think I’m going to re-write the Tube map for dolphins.”
“The access needs of dolphins are similar to those of trees.”
“Aladdin had a dolphin in it that you just didn’t notice.”
“Do you think dolphins get freckles?”

Then the fit finished and we both went back to sleep. I wonder if Olive dreamed about dolphins too.

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