“Cat Sex Pyjamas”

Over the last week or so a new regular tic’s been creeping into my repertoire. Predictably it relates to animal sex again but this time it’s even stranger than usual. My “Cat sex” tic has evolved and clearly the cats have too because they’re now sporting nightwear. I’ve started saying, “Cat sex pyjamas” several times an hour.

When my carer Celestine heard it for the first time a few days ago it really made her laugh. After she’d regained her composure she exclaimed, ‘The things that come out of your mouth!’ Twenty minutes later when she was in the kitchen washing up I could hear her repeating the tic and chuckling to herself.

I like it when a particular tic chimes with someone and makes them laugh. I’ve described before how Leftwing Idiot really likes the sound of certain tics, so much so that he sometimes repeats them out loud when he’s on his own.

Who knows what the cats will do next or whether they’ll vanish from my life altogether? I’ll keep you posted.

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