The Geranium Dilemma

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Leftwing Idiot’s soon to be going away for a month. I explained then that I’d sorted out alternative support for myself while he’s away.

This evening we discussed care arrangements for his geranium.

Leftwing Idiot’s wondering whether to send the large, flourishing plant across town to live with his parents again, or let it come and stay with me at the castle.

I’ve told him I’m happy to take care of it, and because I live close by, he could drop it round anytime before he goes. This seems like the obvious solution, but he’s not convinced.

Maybe it’s the involuntary cackle of glee that escapes me every time we discuss the geranium coming to stay that’s making him nervous. Or maybe it’s my enthusiasm for discussing its pruning needs.

I can’t think why my ticced songs directed at his plant are making him so suspicious. I know the geranium and I have had a volatile relationship, and it’s received a barrage of ticced abuse, but I’ve changed!

Leftwing Idiot’s conflicted about what to do and has only a few days to decide. He’d like your help with his decision: should he entrust his precious plant to me, or let his parents look after it?

Please share your opinion below.

The future of the geranium is in your hands.

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  1. bilvie says:

    Keep the geranium and give it a cape!

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